Create an Expedition

Want to set up a new expedition?

There are a few simple guidelines you need to follow to allow an expedition to be approved by the University of Glasgow Exploration Council.

To gain the approval and support of the University of Glasgow expeditions must:

  • Contact this years Student President with your ideas by emailing
  • Make a proposal presentation at the ExSoc Proposals evening (early October).
  • Have a University of Glasgow staff member associated with the expedition, ideally taking part in the field work. If not there must be a suitably qualified person in the field with the student team.
  • Be open to all members of ExSoc (and therefore the whole University).
  • Agree to submit a full proposal document with associated budget and risk assessment by November 30th to the Exploration Council.
  • Agree to produce a short report within one month of the expeditions conclusion and a full report within 6 months. Electronic copies should be sent to

We welcome members of the University community who wish to join the society and set up new expeditions and are keen to support new ventures. Please get in touch as early as possible, ideally over the summer, if you would like more help and advice, even if you only have a brief idea or outline at present.