Over the past 60 years, teams of Glasgow staff and students have travelled to every corner of the globe in search of new discoveries and aiming to answer fundamental questions relating to the natural environment in which we live. Expedition teams have travelled over 6 continents, looking at varied aspects of geography, zoology, geology, anthropology and more. You can scroll down or use the links below to navigate to reports of past expeditions.


Over the years Glasgow ExSoc Expeditions have achieved amazing things all over the world. From journal articles in Nature to the lasting legacy of building libraries and women’s skills centers in rural Gambia to art exhibitions to increased awareness of conservation of numerous species and habitats, our expeditions teams have all achieved a huge amount. No doubt our greatest achievement, however, has been the associated benefits of sending so many students, hundreds over the years, into the field to explore, to work and to get inspired. Expeditions are often cited as the most important experience our students have during their University years and they have undoubtedly instigated an enthusiasm for the natural world which sees many of our former team members continuing to research or work with conservation and development bodies all over the world. Below are links to articles written by Lynsey Harper, Roger Downie and others on the benefits and contributions of the Exploration Society.

Preliminary reports

Preliminary reports are written shortly after expeditions end to inform the Exploration Council on the aims achieved. These are later developed into full final reports containing details of all facets of the expedition. Below you can find preliminary reports of the latest expeditions. 


A selection of final reports from expeditions running since 1989 can be found below. We are always hunting down lost reports so if you have access to any other old reports we would love to hear from you! 

Into the Archives

We’re lucky to have an amazing archive from expeditions running from 1936 until 1983. We have reports from expeditions to the Isle Of Canna in 1936, St Kilda in 1956, Calabria (Italy) and Morrocco in 1970, Norway in 1969, Durness in 1975 and many more. We want to build on this to create a digital archive which is a testament to the great things Glasgow expeditions have done. If you have access to any old reports or know where we might find more please do drop us an email at

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