If you missed Proposals Evening, you can view a recording of it here.

We’re in the process of updating the pretty parts of the website, but here’s a quick list of all the expeditions, along with their presentations and application forms. To apply to an expedition, you must be an ExSoc member. You can join by filling in this form and sending £3 to the bank details listed. Expedition application deadlines are 11th October for leaders, 15th October for participants.

Cameroon: Presentation, Application

Guyana: Presentation, Application

Iceland: Video, Presentation, Application

Thailand: Presentation, Application

Tobago: Presentation, Application

Remote Scotland: Presentation, Application, Video

In addition, we invite proposals for a Remote Scotland expedition. None was proposed this year, but as it’s one of the most stable to organise, and cheapest for participants to join, we would like to run one if possible. If you’re potentially interested in running or working on an expedition within Scotland, you can apply here. From there, the Exploration Society committee and council will select leaders, then leave it to those leaders to select their participants and plan their expedition.

With the ongoing disruption from Covid, some stable expeditions have fallen off the roster, and could be revived. If there is more interest in marine expeditions than the Thailand one can handle, it may be possible to revive the Egypt expedition. If you think you might be interested in running this expedition, please email David.Bailey@glasgow.ac.uk.

You can read about past iterations of the Egypt, Remote Scotland, and other expeditions here, on our Achievements page.