The President

Magda is the President of the ExSoc committee, 2022. She is a fifth year student who’s just returned from a placement at RZSS WildGenes.

Favourite animal:

Leaf Nosed Bat | Bat photos, Bat species, Bat
A leaf-nosed bat, similar to those Magda worked with on the Tobago expedition.

This is her fourth year being involved with the society, after being the leader of the 2020-21 Trinidad expedition, and a member of the 2022 Tobago expedition. She is excited to lead the society, and is looking forward to helping organise expeditions in 2023!

The Vice President

Holly is the Vice-President of the 2022 ExSoc committee! She is a fourth year student who completed her honours project in Tobago through the exploration society.

Favourite animal:

The majestic pangolin!

She is also the Secretary for the ZooSoc society and aims to draw connections between both teams! She is excited to help out with expeditions in 2023 and in re-growing the societies in a post-pandemic world.

The Treasurer

Abigail is continuing on as the Treasurer for the committee. She is a third year student and has been on the Iceland expedition as a member, and served as a Co-Leader of the Tobago expedition last year.

Favourite animal:

Arctic Tern by Martin Loftus - BirdGuides
Abi spent time with Arctic Terns on the Iceland expedition of 2021.

She is excited to continue working with the society, and can’t wait to see what expeditions are in store for this year!

The Web Convener

Emma is ExSoc’s web-convenor for this year. She is a third year Zoology student, and this is her first time being part of the ExSoc committee!

Favourite animal:

Who doesn’t love tapirs?

She is excited to find out more about the committee and help bring it back to its former glory.

The Social Convener

Duncan is the social convener this year. He is a third year Geography student and has been a member of ExSoc for two years! This year, he was a part of the Trinidad and Tobago expedition, and is looking forward to expeditions next year.

Favourite animal:

The perfect camouflage…

The Secretary

Laila is a third year Geology student and has taken over the role of secretary in ExSoc this year! She hasn’t been on an expedition before, but she does have field research experience in other areas and sees active engagement in the world as key.

Favourite animal:

Not to be mistaken for your average domestic dog!

General Members

Molly is a recent Zoology graduate who is staying on as a postgraduate student. She was one of the leaders in this year’s Tobago expedition, and was a co-president of ExSoc.