Proposals Evening will be on October 4th, and due to space capacities, will happen over Zoom, to allow everyone to attend who may wish to. Link will be posted nearer the time. We also plan to have an informal, in-person social on the 5th (venue TBC), where you can chat and ask questions about proposed expeditions.

Because of the disruption to the normal expedition schedules, Proposals will work a bit differently this year. Rather than having a set of expeditions that will go ahead, that people can learn about and apply for, we are opening up for proposals of any expeditions that folks would like to run, and will support a subset of these based on interest, applications, and feasibility. Expeditions within Europe are more likely to be feasible than those going further afield, but proposals for expeditions outside of Europe are still welcome and are still likely to be accepted. We also welcome proposals for expeditions based around a particular research topic or programme, rather than based on a location, that may be able to be more logistically flexible.

If you would like to propose an expedition for summer 2022, please email by 1st October, to be included in the Proposals programme. You should prepare a short (~5 minute) presentation that you can deliver over zoom, as well as an application form for your expedition, and a blurb to go alongside it, for the website.

You must be a member of ExSoc in order to apply to join expeditions. You can join ExSoc here.