To all new at The University of Glasgow – WELCOME! For all continuing their studies – glad to have you on board, whether you are new to the Societies or continuing to show us your support 😀

So, do you fancy heading off next summer to somewhere like Trinidad, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Iceland, Cyprus, or Tobago?!?!?!?! Then come along to theExploration Society’s Expedition 2013 Proposal Evening:
  • 6PM 
The University of Glasgow’s Exploration Society (ExSoc) has been sending 60+ students awayevery summer for many years now, to carry out a mixture of scientific research, conservation work, and much more!
What you do is…you come along to the Proposal Evening. You listen to all the Expedition organisers/leaders tell you about previous expeditions and what they have planned for 2013! Hear something you like? Come join us in the Zoology museum*** for drinks and nibbles. This gives you a chance to talk to the organisers/leaders, and to grab an application form (or seven hahaha). Fill in the application(s), and be sure to hand them in before the deadline (different for individual Expeditions, but dates will be announced – so listen up). Application forms will not only be available on the night, but also downloadable soon from Moodle, right here, Facebook, and GU’s Zoological Society’s blog ( so no excuse for not getting an application form filled in and submitted on time!!
***PLEASE NOTE: to be able to join us for refreshments, and to apply for any expedition you MUST join ExSoc for the small cost of £3.50 (or why not get a joint membership with ZooSoc – for only £6!). Easiest way you can join is on the night of the Proposal Evening – so best to come along!
ExSoc and the University support and advise expedition teams – but at the end of the day it is the students that organise their own way to their destination!! All students that make it onto an expedition need to pay a personal contribution. This varies between Expeditions (rough costs announced on the night). You don’t need to have had experience in something like this before, or need to be a biology-based student, so don’t feel you have no chance on getting onto a team. Most aim to get a mixture of 1st to 4th years, and even post-grad students on the team!
Team numbers can be as little at 6, up to 12+ with staff members and visitors often apart of the experience, which can last 6 weeks; with some Expeditions lasting 10+ weeks! Once the teams have been chosen, it is then a busy ~8 months planning and organising! Teams need to raise funds through fund raising (bake sales and pub quizzes etc) and grant applications. And then, come the end of May, Expedition teams start heading off throughout the summer…to experience moments some people couldn’t even imagine 😀
It is important to understand now that Expedition organisers/leaders are looking for enthusiasticdisciplined, and committed individuals! It isn’t easy planning and organising and expedition, and the work only begins there! Once you’re out in the field, without home comforts, it can be a lot different from what you imagined. So if you feel that you fit this bill then come along on Thursday Oct 4th and hear more about what could be your summer 2013!!
I look forward to see you all on the 4th! Any questions? Please do not hesitate to email me. I have been involved in ExSoc since 2009, and am now the Society’s vice president. Also I have a good amount of expedition experience under my belt. And note – you can get a lot of information from ExSoc’s website!! – – check it out!!

Tell your friends and fellow students!
Gillian Simpson
ExSoc Vice-President
ZooSoc President
Trinidadian Expedition’er