About Our Team

Find out all about the Trinidad Team for 2014

Liz Ferrell


Hello everyone!

My name’s Liz and I’m currently studying Zoology at Glasgow University. This is going to be my second time out to Trinidad! I’ll be carrying out my fourth year project in the summer on the bats of Trinidad, I can’t wait! I absolutely love everything about bats, the species you find in Trinidad are particularly cool. I hope that by sharing our photos and experiences of the expedition in 2014 you will fall in love with the bats too! I also can’t wait to work with Trinibats again, if you haven’t checked out their Facebook page yet it’s well worth a look.

Mark Greener


Hey, I’m Mark and I am a MSc Zoology work placement student at Glasgow University and have been living in Trinidad since the end of the Expedition 2013. I was part of both the 2012 and 2013 expeditions and as you might have realised as I stayed here, I love this island! I currently work at the University of the West Indies Zoology Museum (check it out on Facebook) and have had a chance to work with amazing animals and fantastic people. My work has included: Bat trapping in Caroni and Aripo Savanna; Butterfly surveying, Land snail surveying, Endemic frog surveying and my master project on the Mantodea (praying mantis/mantids) of Trinidad; as well as so much more. This expedition I will be continuing my previous work of surveying the endemic frog species of Trinidad which I am really looking forward to starting again! I will also be doing a bit of sneaky mantid surveying…

Thomas Burns

Expedition Advisor


Andrew Lee

Alright everyone, my name’s Andrew. I’m a Veterinary Biosciences student in my 2nd year at Glasgow Uni, and cannot even being to express my excitement about going to Trinidad this summer!! This will be my first expedition, as well as my first time to the island and I will be focussing on the conservation of the threatened marine turtles. I am also really looking forward to getting involved in the amphibian ecology research, as I have a particular enthusiasm in the field of herpetology, this will be a fantastic opportunity, and I just cannot wait!!

Hannah Davidson

Hello everyone! I cannot explain the excitement of going back to Trinidad I want to explode! My name is Hannah and this will be my second time out to the fantastic island. I had so much fun and learned so much last year, when I was asked to return I was jumping for joy. I am a second year zoology student, because it’s the best subject in the world, so I am looking forward to getting stuck into some more science. Returning to continue the work I was mainly involved with last year; the leatherback turtle conservation. I am missing the island greatly and cannot wait to return with a truly fantastic new group of people!

Hannah Walkinshaw

Hey my names Hannah Walkinshaw I have just completed my final year of Marine and Freshwater Biology at the University of Glasgow. I am interested conservation work and hope to peruse a career in wildlife conservational biology (hopefully in the near future). The marine side of things would be my preferred area but I decided to mix things up a bit, focusing on the bat projects being carried out this summer. I am so excited to be involved in this year’s expedition and can’t wait to get some firsthand experience working with some of Trinidad’s amazing wildlife =D.

Jack Holt

My name is Jack Holt and I will be apart of the Turtle research team for the Trinidad expedition this year. This was my last year studying Marine and Freshwater Biology and I am particularly excited to be apart of the team to observe and conserve marine turtles found in Trinidad. I have had experience in marine turtle conservancy, partaking in a expedition last year which also included to work with schools and teach children of what our aim is. The Trinidad expedition will also be working with schools, which I am very excited to teach and learn from these local schools. I have a particular interest in photography and I can’t wait for the wildlife photo opportunities we may encounter in Trinidad. I am also enthusiastic and love sports, which I hope we can participate with the schools and locals during the expedition. This will be a fantastic experience for which I will make the most of and I am very proud to be apart of this team.

Katy Duff

Hi! My name is Katy; I’m 23 and have just finished the final year of my zoology degree. I’m really looking forward to going to Trinidad this year as it will be my first time carrying out field work in rainforest habitat. My main interests are in animal health and zoonotic disease. I have recently completed my honours project which aimed to identify nematode parasites in cetaceans and pinnipeds stranded around Scotland using molecular methods. Last year I was a member of the Cyprus Turtlewatch team which focussed on green and loggerhead sea turtle conservation. I currently volunteer in a zoo which houses a few rainforest species. It will be amazing to experience the huge diversity of the tropics in the flesh. This year in Trinidad, I am excited to be working with bats but also can’t wait to learn as much as possible about all rainforest fauna as this is a once in a lifetime trip!

Eleanor Gourevitch

My name is Ellie and I am a 19 year old, first year Zoology student at Glasgow university. I have been obsessed with animals since I visited Honduras when I was 16. In Trinidad I will be part of the Turtle team and I am so excited to work with the Leatherback turtles as well as helping out with the amphibian and bat research. This is such an exciting opportunity for me and I can’t wait for the expedition to begin!!

Lyndsay Christie

Hi! My name is Lyndsay, I’m 19 and have just finished second year of my Microbiology degree. I wanted to do something unique and exciting this summer and was so thrilled to be picked for the Trinidad expedition 2014. I have never done anything like this before but I think it will be a great experience -I can’t wait to get out there to work hard and to learn lots of new things. I am especially looking forward to the work I will be doing with the native amphibian species as well as the turtles and the bats. I am also really looking forward to experiencing a new culture and to be surrounded by the beautiful landscapes that make up Trinidad for 3 months.

Ruth Shepherd

I’m a 5th year Zoology student; last year I carried out a work placement as the Nutrition assistant at Chester Zoo for my MSci before coming back to complete my degree with my Honours year. I have always had a love for amphibians but this passion grew last year when I had the opportunity to do my masters project on black eyed tree frogs (Agalychnis moreletii). However I have only seen tropical frogs in a captivity so I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing and working with amphibians in their natural setting in Trinidad! If you hadn’t already guessed I shall be involveed mainly in the frog survey work but I also plan on doing a project sampling for chytrid (a fungal disease that is responsible for worldwide amphibian declines) to determine its prevalence in Trinidad. I feel extremely privileged and excited to be involved in an expedition thatconducts valuable scientific research and to have been given the opportunity to gain more experience working not just with frogs but also bats and turtles!

John McKenna

Hi, my name is John and I’m a first year Mechanical Engineering student and this is my first time with ExSoc. Rock climbing and mountaineering is what usually takes up most of my free time. I’m excited to be involved in this long term project in Trinidad and want to learn, contribute and experience as much as possible whilst I have this opportunity.