Peru Blog

Here’s what we’ve been getting up to: school visits, fundraising activities and spreading the word about the work we’ll be doing in Peru!

Once we’re out in the rain forest this summer we’ll keep you updated with posts about what we find!

Bucket shaking, ceilidh dancing and a whole loada doughnuts!!

Howdy folks! A very excited Meghan here-the leaving date is approaching fast and I cannot wait!! Our projects have all been confirmed by the university so we are just sorting out the finer details. We have had a Krispy Kreme doughnut sale this week which went well,...

Peru 2015 mid-Febuary Update

  Hey Chris here! I am thrilled to be part of an expedition again this year, and so far our expedition plans are going well :). It is a lot of work and even with those gloomy days bucket shaking we are all managing to keep up a smile and continue¬†with our...

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