Iceland 2020

The 2020 Iceland Expedition will return to Iceland for the 11th year running this summer. A brand new cohort of eight students will help to continue building on a decade long relationship with Skálanes Nature and Heritage Centre in the East fjord region of Iceland. The reserve is a 1250 hectare area of spectacular geography and geology, and is not only home to 47 species of bird but also to numerous mammalian species such as Arctic Fox. Four research projects will be carried out in the summer of 2019; focusing on Arctic tern fledgling success, invasive plants’ effects on invertebrates, and marine plastic distribution and impacts along the coast. In conjunction with this research, all students will participate in the continuous monitoring of the local kittwake and fulmar colonies.The hope is that the research we carry out during our stay will help with both the long-term and short-term conservation efforts at Skálanes.

Expedition Background

Find out about the background to the expedition.

Our Team

Meet the students who will be heading to Iceland.

Research Projects

Read all about the projects we’ll be carrying out this summer.


Preliminary Report 2019

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A Big Thank You to our Sponsors

All of us on the team would just like to say a big thank you to our sponsors Opticron and Polymath Products. The equipment they provided to us proved invaluable during our scientific endeavours! Opticron Opticron very kindly supplied us with several T4 WP 10X42...

What we know about plastics in Skálanes

An advantage of plastic: it is durable. A disadvantage of plastic: it is durable. The durability of plastics causes plastics to build up in the ocean, which has become a global concern. Due to its pervasive nature it does not decompose but breaks down slowly into...

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