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This year there will be a huge variety of expeditions running, some for the very first time. Have a browse below and see what they get up to in the summer!

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We are a student-run expedition, supported by The University of Glasgow. Since 1989 the University has been sending out students, and staff members, to explore Trinidad and all its wonders. We primordially focus on Amphibian reproductive strategies and behaviour. However over the years, many other areas have become of interest, and this year we are heading out to the island for 10 weeks, to once more study marine turtle behaviour, bat ecology, frogs and much more!

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The Tobago Expedition takes 12 students out to the beautiful North-East of Tobago to carry out conservation and research work with amphibians and marine turtles. We focus on activities such as recording nesting activity for turtle species such as Hawksbill, Leatherback, and Green on the local beaches, patrolling of beaches to prevent poaching of nesting females, and population surveys on the endangered frog species present within the rainforest. Additional interesting projects that have occurred in recent years, with the potential to recommence, include investigation of bat ecology, amphibian development, morphology & behaviour, and on freshwater fish. All degrees and years are welcome!

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The Glasgow University Exploration Society is sending a team of 8 students to a remote location in Scotland to conduct scientific research. The main areas the expedition will focus on are the seabird colonies, entomology, and small mammals.

This expedition aims to assess the conservation status of the Reserva Barba Azul in the Beni region of Bolivia. The reserve is an important refuge for the largest population of the critically endangered blue-throated macaw. As well as this it is home to some amazing creatures, including the cock-tailed tyrant, black-masked finch, greater rhea, maned wolf and giant anteaters. Our focus is to assess the impact on biodiversity of reduced grazing pressure/habitat protection. It can be in-tents at times but we have a lot of fun and do some really important research! We alternate with Peru and this year will not be running. 

The expedition team is made up of 8 University of Glasgow students of varying years and degree subjects. The aim of this expedition is to assess whether there is a change in biodiversity in different areas around a human forest community. Projects will include work on mammals, amphibians, birds,invertebrates and a project on soil (pedology). We have previously used acoustic equipment to analyze the bird and amphibian calls, helping with our biodiversity surveys. We have also been involved in projects on ants, an area that has only just opened up to research, so is a great opportunity for new studies. We alternate with Bolivia and this year we will be running!!

The Skálanes Nature and Heritage Centre is a 1250 hectare area of land with 47 bird species, numerous mammalian species, and spectacular geography and geology. The Iceland team conducts some important research on many aspects of this countries ecology and geology. Having 24 hours of daylight only serves to let you see and experience more whilst in this breathtakingly beautiful country. Keep up to date with all of our fundraising, preparation, and expedition news here. Follow our journey from start to end, with photos, links to our blog and all upcoming events.

This diving expedition allows experienced and first-time divers to discover the wonders of the sea. The research undertaken will be marine based and focus on coral cover, damselfish, freckled hawkfish and coralline algae as well as using novel techniques such as stereo-video to catalogue reef fish. This all takes place in the beautiful location of the Red Sea. This expedition also has an educational outreach aspect that will run in both Glasgow and Egypt allowing you to interact with the drivers of the future!

Expeditions to Cyprus, organized by the University of Glasgow Exploration society have been running for the past 17 years, with the exception of 2015 and 2016. Research is primarily based on nesting turtle populations around the Southern and Western part of Cyprus. For the duration of six weeks, we record the nesting activity of the loggerhead and green turtle, any environmental and anthropohenic effects they encounter. Unfortunately we will not be running this year, however if you would like to restart this expedition then please email ExSoc via

In the summer of 2016, 9 UofG Earth Science students are embarking on a research expedition to study the volcanology of the Canary Islands.

We are a student expedition researching the potential for geothermal energy, volcanic risk and hydrothermal contamination of water in Kenya and Ethiopia.

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This will be the first year that this expedition has been run! We are looking for a team of 6 experienced students who have some knowledge or have been involved in sampling bats, amphibians, birds or other jungle animals. The expedition will be 6 weeks in the rainforest so be prepared for tough conditions and amazing experiences!

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